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Licensed vs. Unlicensed Car Mechanic


Maintaining your vehicle properly and keeping it in good driving condition requires proper and regular vehicle servicing. Today, with so many Melbourne car service workshops, it is more difficult to choose a reliable one, one that provides the proper car service inspection. In order to keep your vehicle in a good condition and to avoid various malfunctions when on the road, take your car to a reliable and reputable Melbourne care service workshop. You just need to decide whether to take your vehicle at a licensed or unlicensed car mechanic in Melbourne.

This is perhaps the most important decision to make when it comes to taking your car to a Melbourne car service workshop. Keep in mind that unlicensed car mechanics will charge less when compared to a licensed Melbourne car service, but the performed services may not be reliable and professional. So, before making the decision, you need to consider several things. In order to make the right decision, take a look at some of the most important things you need to know about the licensed and unlicensed Melbourne car service workshops:

  • A licensed Melbourne car service workshop cannot void your warranty if you have taken your car to an unlicensed car mechanic in Melbourne, but it has the right to void your vehicle’s warranty if the vehicle is not repaired properly or the replaced parts are not genuine.
  • If you have complex problems with your vehicle, the unlicensed Melbourne car service workshop is not the best option for you. Usually, a non licensed vehicle service does not have well trained technicians and lacks the proper knowledge to perform complicated mechanical tasks. So, it is better to take your car to a reliable Melbourne car service. Every reputable car service in Melbourne is equipped with the latest equipment and tools for detecting any vehicle malfunction.
  • The main reason why some people choose a non licensed Melbourne car service workshop is because of the low prices. There are many non licensed car services in Melbourne that are reliable and capable of performing professional and complex mechanical works for a low price. It is up to you. Just keep in mind that if you decide to go to a unlicensed Melbourne car service workshop, find out just how reliable the mechanic is.
  • Unlicensed Melbourne car service workshops offer cheaper spare parts, and this is another reason why people have doubts when it comes to choosing the right car mechanic. However, if your vehicle is under warranty, the difference in price will be small or none.