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Honeycomb Blind vs. Curtains: What is best for your room?

There are so many differences between honeycomb blinds and curtains that choosing one for your room can be a bit of a challenge. Choosing the right kind of covers for your windows can really make or break the look of a room. There are a lot of different things that you should consider when choosing the right ones for your space. Below we will go over what a honeycomb blind or curtain can do for you, hopefully, making your choice a lot easier. If you want to know more then keep reading below.honeycomb-blind

  • Cleaning – This is something that most people don’t really think about when it comes to choosing between honeycomb blinds and curtains. Curtains are actually pretty easy to clean because all you need to do is pop them in the washing machine when they start to get dusty or dirty. That is if you don’t mind having to take them down each time and putting them back up. Blinds are also easy to clean and don’t need to be removed, all you need to do is run a wet cloth over them to collect dust and you’re done.
  • Energy – Curtains really don’t do much when it comes to blocking out heat or cold. While they look nice they were not really designed for this purpose. A honeycomb blind will really save you money on your energy bills because they do a great job at keeping the cold and heat out. This means you won’t be spending as much on heating or air conditioning during the warmer and colder seasons. They also do a great job at keeping the heat out all while still letting the light in which is something curtains just can’t do.
  • Space – Another thing you should consider is the actual size of the room. Honeycomb blinds are great if you want the room to feel big, this is something that you should really consider if the room is small to begin with. While curtains can look nice and can be used for decoration, if the room is small, they will make it feel even smaller. You should really consider which ones would go best in the space you have. You don’t want to make a small room feel even smaller, but if you have space then you can easily use curtains.
  • Privacy – While curtains can give you plenty of privacy they do block the light out of the room. While this is great during the night time as you don’t really need light from the outside, it is not great during the day. Honeycomb blinds really come in handy during the day and night because they offer you privacy all while still give you light. If you have curtains covering your windows during the day you will spend more money on your energy bill because you will need to keep the lights on. This is a problem that you just don’t have with honeycomb blinds.

Hopefully, after reading this article choosing between honeycomb blinds and curtains has become a little easier for you. Now you know all the things you should consider when choosing between them, make sure you sit down and really think about what you want and what will suit your room better. You can easily find a great variety of both curtains and honeycomb blinds online where you are sure to find something you like.


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