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DIY Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening


Want to get that celebrity-like megawatt smile? Not sure which option is better – entrusting a reputable Melbourne dental clinic or using one or more of the numerous DIY whitening options? Not a simple task, right? Your decision should be based on several key factors – how much free time you have, how fast do you want to see the results, and your budget. But regardless of which option you choose, if your discolored teeth keep you tight-lipped, then it’s definitely time to try some teeth-whitening treatments.

Both professional and DIY treatments are effective and will brighten your smile. But which one will deliver better and faster results depends on the severity of your teeth discoloration and of course, your budget. Those who are afraid of dentists find DIY treatments quite useful. But you can’t have a perfect smile without having a professional cleaning beforehand. Keep in mind the pros and the cons of each treatment, before making the final decision.

DIY Teeth Whitening

It’s true that you will find many do-it-yourself whitening kits like Crest 3D White, quick dissolving strips, and professional whitening toothpastes that cost much less than a professional treatment. You can get these items any time you want, however, over-the-counter products will not yield dramatic results or whiten severely stained teeth. These bleaching products are a better solution for younger people who have mildly discolored teeth, since their enamel is stronger and less prone to stains. If properly used, these DIY whitening products will only give your smile a boost. However, don’t expect long-lasting results, something guaranteed with professional treatments.

Professional Whitening Treatments

Professional whitening treatments on the other hand offer fast and effective whitening results. It’s true that it costs a little bit more to visit a good Melbourne dental clinic, but at the end it will pay off. In just an hour you will walk out from the dental office with a beautiful white smile. Professional whitening treatments vary in price. Laser teeth whitening for example, is a little bit expensive but quite effective.

Dentists use stronger bleach solutions than the one you would use at home. Also, a reputable Melbourne dental clinic has special tools and professional strength peroxide that will whiten your teeth dramatically in just one visit. Moreover, with DIY whitening products, if not used properly, you can damage your gums, while professional teeth whitening is supervised by highly qualified dentists from beginning to end. Dentist will know whether your gums are healthy enough to withstand the peroxide application or not.