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Dealer service vs Local mechanic


What may seem as the biggest debate among new car owners is whether to take your car to scheduled manufacturer service or to your local auto mechanics. Different in price and in service, these two opponents have always fought over a larger base of customers. And this is no wonder if you consider the fact that car service shops create as much revenue as car sales shops. People who don’t own a car think that official manufacturers offer the best automotive service. Clearly, they have no experience in looking for the best service at a lower price. Here, we’ll explain few characteristics which affect both sides of this comparison.

Official manufacturers may brag that their biggest advantage over local mechanics are specialized technicians. In fact, technicians are the best asset that manufacturer auto mechanics considering that they need to pass a lot of training and education to get their certificate. Most manufacturers have an ongoing educational program for their technicians that is updated with each release of new car models or even parts. However this isn’t a guarantee that you will get the best results since most independent mechanics are usually former technicians who decided to open their own shop. Besides, even independent mechanics can get certificates from government institutions that expand their knowledge in auto repairs.

Although local auto services don’t have the proper tools to do official vehicle inspections, they have enough experience to tell you whether something is wrong with your car just by listening to the noise it makes. Also, you won’t get the same warm hospitality in dealer auto mechanics as you will at local auto shops. Here, the same guy may be in charge for your vehicle service over a long period of time, thus creating a personal relationship with him. This way he will know the history of your car’s auto repairs, making him more compatible to do future services.

So-called corner garages can be much more convenient in therms of time and money. Official dealer automotive services may be located out of town making them harder to reach. But if your warranty includes free auto repairs, then it is worth the drive. Additionally, dealers offer free shuttles that can take you back home if your car needs several car services Melbourne is one of the larger cities that has experienced the benefits of these free shuttle services offered by dealers.

No matter how well you know your mechanic it is most advisable that you use warranty benefits until their due date. After warranty expires it is time to look for the best corner garage that will provide most effective auto repairs for your car.