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Cleaning Upholstery and Carpet: Specialised Cleaners Vs Homemade

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Many of you would agree when I say it’s a kind of holiday when carrying out an interior makeover project, heading out to carefully choose and purchase the bits and pieces of decor, texture (e.g. carpets), and furniture, while paying attention to the upholstery details. For me it sure is a holiday! Then again, it’s a day of sadness seeing those precious carpets and upholstery covered in stains.

Imagine this situation: You see your favourite carpet and furniture upholstery stained. What do you do before the stains entirely ruin your pieces: Use specialised commercial upholstery cleaner, or head to the kitchen grabbing the vinegar, or a mixture of mild water and soap? Let’s face it, fabrics are delicate which further complicates things.

The specialised cleaners, created after detailed research, like the Unbelievable Carpet Cleaner, and the Anti-Static Treatment, based on concentrated formulas, are specifically made to treat stains with precision, and without causing wicking of stains, or fibre damages, at that.

This is sure to give you the peace of mind for when you have to undertake regular cleaning because of children and pets at home. Think of it as professional cleaning, without the additional cost, or time waste. If you buy commercial upholstery cleaner, you can also count on protective stain blocking properties, resting assured they are less likely to reoccur.

Now then, the DIY stain cleaning weapons. Sure, you might have heard or read somewhere online, that the mixture of water and soap can do wonders. You may also find tutorials on DIY detergent projects.

The options are vast having in mind baby wipes also have the reputation of handy cleaners, as well as vinegar, and the homemade detergent (mixture of vinegar, soap, and water). What’s not certain is whether the cleaning would be successful or not. You could save up money initially, by grabbing what you have at home, without resorting to specialised cleaners, but that doesn’t guarantee the outcome.

Speaking of which, that also includes the doubt whether or not you’d actually worsen the stain, leaving out a smudge instead. In this aspect, you can’t be certain if the cleaning would give you the wanted result, or cost you thousands in return due to damaging the fabrics, having to replace the carpet or upholstery altogether (worse if you have to replace the entire furniture piece).

If you ask me, I’d stick with the specialised cleaners as I have so far, knowing I’d get successful outcome time and time again. What’s your choice?


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